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What to Pack: Hawaii- Maui Edition

What to Pack: Hawaii- Maui Edition

I am now writing this two days post Maui. I overpacked. I don’t regret it, but I am admitting it. I have bathing suits I didn’t wear, I have activewear I didn’t wear and I have endless dresses, shorts and shirts I didn’t wear. One thing I did do right, shoes. I think I got use out of all of them and they were all necessary. Think wedges, sandals, and more wedges and sandals.

Here is the thing about Hawaii, or Maui specifically, if you go into your trip knowing exactly what you will be doing, when you will be doing it, and where at all times, packing might be easier. I went in blindfolded with no expectations. Okay, white lie, I knew I was staying at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua, so I had some minor understanding that I could dress like an instagram model and get away with it. And I really did try.

We went with a huge group of partiers so many sunny days were spent at the pool and then napping before dinner or your sunset cruise. Que only needing a swimsuit and cover up for the day, with poolside service covering beverages and lunch. By dinner, I’d shower and get dressed and try to wear one of my fancy frocks.

Other days my husband and I ventured out on our own into the rainforest and just wore swimsuits and activewear. Underestimating how long it takes to get anywhere in Maui, we didn’t do a great job of day trip packing. We ended up on one sunset cruise in our hiking gear because we couldn’t get from one end of the island back to the other to shower, change, glam up and then get back to the middle (Lahaina) for a sunset whale watch. That was an unfortunate situation, where I was stuck wearing Tevas, Lulu Align pants, and a random tank I picked up at a souvenir shop just so I could take my wet bathing suit off. No glam instagram photo ops that night.

So to get straight to it, if you know you have reservations every night and you will be resorting it up, all you need are swimsuits for each day, cover ups to match and a great pool bag. If you are staying somewhere pricy, it doesn’t hurt to bring a soft cooler and a Yeti cup so you can pack some beers or liquor to make your own drinks- just to cut down on the $20 Mai Tai’s. Then each night you can put on your allotted pretty dress or romper, fancy wedges and a cute straw bag.

If you are going all out adventure- pack a backpack, water safe shoes that are easy to hike in, a GoPro, some wet/dry bags, sunscreen, swimsuits and hats and just change out daily or when you’re uncomfortable. Maui isn’t a particularly fancy island, especially if you are off-resort. Locals walk around in surf gear, barefoot. You can pick a great meal nearly anywhere and in any outfit.

Regardless, Maui is beautiful and you will have a great time if you are there. More to come on where to go and what to do/eat/drink and what not to.

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